Sunday, 12 November, 2000

Why I Don't Have a PDA

I used to carry a Day Timer organizer.  To keep from losing it, I put my driver's license and credit cards in it as well and it served as my wallet (money goes in the right front pocket), figuring that I'd not forget it then.  No such luck.  If it isn't in a pocket, it's gonna get lost.  Then I got a cell phone and things got worse.  That made two things to carry and remember, which is at least one too many.  So now I just leave the Day Timer behind and carry a traditional wallet in my pocket.

What I really want is a PDA/phone.  Something like a Palm V that has a phone built in.  I've looked at the phones that have Internet access, and am not terribly impressed.  A 4-line, 8-character screen and a telephone-style keypad?  No thanks.  The screen on your typical PDA is already too small, and pressing '7777' to get an 'S' is just plain wrong.  Why can't somebody build a Palm or Windows CE machine that can dock to my desktop and has a full-featured digital phone built in?  The technology is certainly available.  If I could get one of those for under $500 and link it to my Sprint PCS account, I'd do it.