Sunday, 19 November, 2000

Welcome to My 'Blog'

My friend Jeff Duntemann notes in his web diary that the word to describe a Web diary is "blog" (from "Weblog").  So you're reading my blog.  Jeff's right, it's an ugly word.  Ugly or not, it's common enough to warrant an entry in the Lycos Tech Glossary.

Jeff also mentioned Blogger, a program that lets you post blogs, and Blog*Spot, which will host your blog for free if you don't have a web site of your own.  I've also found an AvantGo client for Blogger that will run on PalmOS and Windows CE.  

A Google search for "blog" returned over 70,000 hits.  It seems that blogging is pretty popular.  Most of what I saw while I was cruising other people's blogs wasn't terribly interesting, and much of it was incoherent.  Jeff's response to that observation was, "The easier it is to publish Web diaries, the less interesting the published diaries will be. It's completely true that some people have absolutely nothing to say. This won't keep them from saying it."  I agree.

Right now I use FrontPage to add an entry every day, but I'm not terribly happy with the solution.  I've considered writing my own web diary program, but now I'll have to give Blogger a try.  If you know of similar programs, please contact me.