Sunday, 26 November, 2000

Holiday Season Blues

For various reasons, I'm not a very religious person—at least not publicly.  But this past weekend's spending orgy, with marathon sales, Christmas bazaars, frantic shoppers, and other associated madness is enough to turn anybody's stomach.  The period between Thanksgiving Day and Christmas is just one huge exercise in self indulgence and over indulgence, followed by a 7-day party that culminates in the final absurdity of New Year's Eve blowouts.  Anybody who asks me "Where is your Christmas spirit?" is obviously missing the point.  This is a season to reflect, enjoy the company of your family and friends, and perhaps remember that we're all in this together.  Too many people put on their holiday faces in December, and then promptly take them off on New Year's Day, a behavior that is distressingly similar to those who put on their Sunday faces for morning Mass and then remove them for the other 167 hours of the week.  Is it any wonder that people get depressed this time of year?