Sunday, 30 September, 2001

Everything takes longer than you think it will

One of the corollaries to Murphy's Law states:  "Everything takes longer than you think it will."  Today's installment of the never-ending garage conversion involved replacement of the entry door.  I allotted six hours for this task--easily enough even for an amateur home hacker like me.  It turned out to be more like a ten hour job due to some dry rot and a few other surprises, but the door's in level and plumb and it closes nicely.

The garage conversion is nearing completion.  The drywall guys finished up while I was sick, this week I'll install the interior doors and trim while Debra does the painting.  It's been an interesting experience.  We've both learned a lot, but we're ready to be done.  The new office (about double the size of the bedroom we're using) should be done by the end of the month.  We'll probably hold off on finishing the laundry room, though.  Have you priced cabinets lately?  Wednesday's Texas Lotto drawing is looking mighty attractive.