Sunday, 24 March, 2002

Blade II

Debra and I went to see Blade II yesterday after my bike ride.  No, it isn't high cinematic art.  It's a good action flick, though, on par with the original.  The choreography is just fantastic, and the sound track keeps the blood pumping.

I had to laugh at thisreview, in which the reviewer somehow missed the entire point of the movie.  For example, he says:

Wesley Snipes' return as slayer of the undead still is fairly anemic, relying on blood, glossy effects, high-kicking combat and a head-banging soundtrack rather than authentic chills and scares.

Duh.  It's an action flick.  And at that it succeeds tremendously.

That's not the only clue that the reviewer missed.  Proving that there's little correlation between intelligence and the ability to scribble, he says:

As with the first film, the only way to get through "Blade II" is if there's complete disconnection of that part of the brain that determines when something is really, really silly. Give the premise the slightest critical thought while watching Snipes disintegrate vampires with his bottomless pistol of silver bullets (or stare too long at Snipes' manicured-hedgerow hair), and you'll likely suffer a demonic fit of the snickers.

Sillier than getting paid to write movie reviews that totally miss the point?  That theatre was packed, Mr. Movie Reviewer, and when the movie was over, nobody complained about Snipes' haircut.

After seeing the movie, it's pretty obvious that the reviewer either didn't watch it, or can't remember simple details.  Ron Perlman's character is plainly not the leader of the Bloodpack vampires.  Not that it matters in this case, seeing as how the reviewer totally misses the boat on the rest of the movie, but it's usually a good idea to get the facts right if you want people to take you seriously.

Movie critics!  Feh.