Sunday, 20 July, 2003

Feeling out of sorts

Unreasonable people have really got me down lately.  Aggressive drivers, fat people suing fast food companies, smokers suing tobacco companies, illegal aliens complaining that they can't get medical care or social services, isolationists who want to keep us out of the world and the world away from us, Democrats who think the solution to society's problems is in my wallet, Republicans who think that the solution to societies problems is in my personal liberty, Libertarians who think the problem will go away if you ignore it, special interest groups of all kinds who insist that government protect "rights" that don't exist, people who wear too much perfume, parents who won't control their kids, etcetera, ad barfo.  Recently I've come to believe that the world's population consists of a handful of decent people and a giant mob of inconsiderate, rude, pushy, loud, obnoxious idiots.  Two years ago I found it funny and just ranted about it.  A year ago I tried to ignore it because I had other things to worry about.  Now I'm beginning to believe that my inability to just "brush off" the idiots is a major contributing factor to my frequent (although less frequent than a few months ago) bouts of depression (if that's the right term).  I used to rant about things to blow off steam, but lately I've been too tired to work up a spit.  It's a vicious cycle.  Blech.  I need to go live in a cave for a while.  Or at least stop reading the paper and listening to the news.