Monday, 29 May, 2006


I went running today.  Understand, I haven't done any significant running since I finished the Pike's Peak Marathon in 1982.  I think my total running since then amounts to one 18-mile training run and a half dozen 5K races.  Today I discovered some muscles that I'd forgotten all about.

Thursday I bought new running shoes and was somewhat surprised at the cost.  You apparently can't get a decent pair of running shoes for much under $100.  I think the ones I bought were $85 before taxes.  Still, shoes are the biggest expense.  Running shorts go for about $30, and shirts for about the same.  Unless you want to wear a cotton T-shirt--something I don't recommend.  Cotton shirts retain water, making them very uncomfortable in the summer months.  The CoolMax and similar synthetic fabrics help perspiration evaporate.  They're lighter and more comfortable for running.  I won't wear cotton when I'm on the bike, and after today's run I don't plan on wearing it for running, either.

Oh, why the running?  I'm planning a birthday challenge for my 45th birthday, which occurs this year in October.  One part of the challenge will be a run, so I figured I'd better start training.  As you might expect on my 45th birthday, a lot of the challenges will involve the number 45.  In some cases 4.5 or 450.  I will reveal the full challenge on June 12--4.5 months before my birthday.