Sunday, 18 June, 2006


Jill put on quite a party.  She had a big party tent constructed in the back yard of her condo complex, got tables and chairs delivered, and arranged for Saturday dinner and Sunday brunch to be catered.  A DJ played music until almost midnight Saturday.  All told, she had 60 or 70 people show up for her party.

Jill ordered an assortment of foam drink holders--manufacturer overruns--from a seller on eBay.  The idea was to get a bunch of different ones so that people could identify their drinks, and also have something to take home from the party.  Not surprising, there were a few coincidences where people actually knew of the thing being advertised.

As it happened, Debra found this one.

The Sunshine RV Park is located about 8 miles from our house, literally in somebody's front yard.  About two years ago Debra and I would ride our bikes back there and watch the owner out on his little tractor, cutting spaces or digging the ditch for the water lines.  A cheaply-made sign said, "Sunshine RV Pack coming soon."  Debra and I laughed because we couldn't imagine people parking their RVs so far out in the country.

The joke's on us.  I rode by there last week and he was full.  There must be 30 or more spaces, and it seemed like every one had a trailer or motor home in it.  The place looks clean and well maintained.  If you're looking for an RV park north of Austin, you might want to investigate this one.

I've heard people say that they don't believe in coincidence--that everything happens for a reason.  That's silly.  If you put enough random things together, sooner or later you're bound to run into something familiar.  Trying to find a deeper meaning behind every coincidence is a quick way to madness.  Enjoy the serendipity, laugh a bit about the random nature of things, and move on.