Monday, 16 October, 2000

Extreme Runs and Rides

From 1979 until about 1983, I was a pretty serious recreational runner.  Before I gave it up (mostly out of laziness), I had completed 5 marathons—including the Pikes Peak Marathon, which is billed as "America's Ultimate Challenge."  I suspect that raising 5 children mostly by yourself (thanks, Mom) is more challenging, but I will admit that Pikes Peak is the most physically challenging thing I've ever done.  That was in 1982.  I was 20 years old.  Maybe I'm having a mid-life crisis, 'cause I'm seriously considering trying it again.  This time when I'm 40.

I'll bet you can imagine Debra's reaction.  She doesn't need kids.  She has me.

I've always enjoyed a challenge.  Below I've listed a few that sound interesting.

Pikes Peak Marathon - I ran this in 1982.  I'll scan some pictures and attach one to this entry.  I'd like to beat my previous time (about 6:10) in 2002.  But I may regain my sanity and only do the uphill portion.
Imogene Pass Run - This run is about 18 miles from Telluride to Ouray, Colorado.  My Dad ran it in 1981 or 1982.  It's shorter than Pikes Peak, but sometimes more difficult because it's held a month later and the weather can be a serious factor at 13,000 feet.
Bicycle Tour of Colorado - This year it was 400 miles in 7 days, with about 15,000 feet of climbing.  No walk in the park, but certainly doable.  They change the route every year, but the challenge is similar.
Death Ride - This is billed as a tour of the California Alps.  129 miles in one day.  Over 16,000 feet of climbing, some on 25% grades.  This sounds more difficult than even the Pikes Peak Marathon.  I probably don't have the time to train for this one.
Montezuma's Revenge - This 24-hour race has never been completed, and I'm not about to try it.  It's fascinating to read about, though.  201 miles of mountain bike trails.  35,000 feet of climbing.  Ouch.

Hey, a guy's gotta have goals!