Friday, 10 November, 2000

Online KDE 2.0 Programming Book reports that a new book, KDE 2.0 Programming, is now available online.  The short article contains this link to the book's main page at  From the book's main page, you can reach pages to download the book in HTML or PDF format, or view the entire book online in HTML.  The book is published under the Open Publication License, and will also be available in print (from SAMS) on November 15.

I wonder how many programmers will buy the book.  I've downloaded the HTML version and will peruse it.  If it looks like a good book, I'll certainly trip down to the local bookstore and pick up a copy.  It's nice having the reference material online, certainly, but I also like having a physical book that I can read away from the computer.

One interesting thing about the online version is that you can add annotations that all other readers can see.  This could prove invaluable for posting corrections, examples, and further discussions.