Saturday, 11 November, 2000

The Election Fiasco

Manual recounts?  Confusing ballots?  Re-votes?  Court orders?  This whole election thing just gives me gas.  Now that the lawyers are involved, I don't hold much hope of obtaining "a full, fair, and accurate count."  How can we expect a manual recount to be accurate without one member from every party that was on the ballot seeing every ballot?  Disputed ballots are handled how?

There are people filing law suits in Palm Beach county demanding a re-vote.  How can that be considered fair?  Isn't it likely that people will change their votes, now that they know their votes really do make a difference?  Was the ballot really that confusing?  It certainly looked clear to me, but then I'd heard it explained a dozen times before I actually saw it.

Not that it matters one way or the other.  With Congress split almost 50-50 between Democrats and Republicans, the next President will have to be very good at forming alliances.  Either that or he could stonewall, which would probably be best for all concerned.  It'd sure be nice to have 4 years where the government couldn't implement new ways to squander our money.