Tuesday, 16 January, 2001

Back on the Bike

What with the weather today (cold, drizzle, windy) and my not having exercised much recently (Saturday evening's ride with Jason was my first ride in a month), the ride home from work that usually takes about 90 minutes took almost two hours.  Even with my cold weather gear, I was cold by the time I got home.  The first hour or so was actually kind of fun, being back on the bike and all, but after that it was just work.  And cold.  But I did get some amusement.  There's nothing quite like riding along the shoulder at 20 MPH in a 60 MPH zone, passing cars that are standing still.  On a good day during a bad rush hour, I can get from work to home (26 miles) as fast as a car.

Note to self:  if you want to take a break, cut down on the biking but don't quit altogether.  A month off the bike makes for a sore butt and tired legs.