Sunday, 04 February, 2001

Fig Update

I chopped the figs to the ground on December 30, and on December 31 I wrote about finding a live fig branch and transplanting it into a pot of compost.  When we got home from our cruise last night, I checked on the plant and found that one of the stalks has two new sprouts on it.  One of the others has what appears to be a sprout—it's hard to tell right now.  Anyway, I took another picture for the "before and after" series. 

[The fig plant eventually died when I put it outside and the deer ate it.]

I spent half of the day outside, picking up the rest of the leaves around the yard, and getting ready to plant some gardens.  The compost is rotting nicely.  The rest of the day I spent here trying to catch up on my back log of work:  a week's worth of mail, email, journal entries, and other stuff that got neglected while I was off having fun.  Tomorrow it's back to the grind.