Saturday, 10 February, 2001

A New Bike!

Debra's anniversary present to me was a gift certificate to the local bike shop so I could get a new road bike.  My current bike is a Cannondale R200 that I purchased used from a friend about a year ago.  I chose to buy a used bike last year because I wasn't sure that I'd enjoy road cycling as much as I do mountain biking.  I learned fairly quickly that I do in fact like riding on the road,  and in the past year I logged almost 3,000 miles on that old bike.  I'd talked about getting a new road bike, and was pleasantly surprised by Debra's gift.

This past week I went to the bike store and ordered my new bike, and went to pick it up today.  The new bike is a 55 cm LeMond Buenos Aries, pictured at the right.  For you bike techies, here are the specs.  Reynolds 853 and 525 steel alloy frame with carbon fiber fork, Shimano 105 groupo, Rolf Vector wheels, and Look pedals.   Having ridden both aluminum and steel, I much prefer the softer ride of the steel frame.  I've also ridden (and like) carbon fiber, but it's another $1,000 to step into one of those.  I considered getting a LeMond Zurich, but I just couldn't justify spending the extra money.  If I was racing, maybe, but I'm just a recreational rider.

Along with the bike, I picked up new shoes and a new helmet.  The bike's sitting in the back room now, computer attached, waiting for me to take it out in the morning.  I sure hope the weather cooperates.