Tuesday, 03 April, 2001

Problems with NEdit

Last month (March 18), I mentioned that I was looking at NEdit as my editor of choice on my Linux system.  I've been working with it for a couple of weeks now, and am mostly happy with its features and functionality.  I don't particularly like some of the key bindings, and I'll probably change them if I decide to keep the editor.  At the moment, that's a pretty big "if."  The editor seems to get confused sometimes and stops responding to Alt key combinations or command keys.  I haven't tracked down the cause yet, but sometimes I'll be switching between applications and all of a sudden I can't operate the editor except with the mouse.  Pressing Alt+F for the File menu results in a "beep" from the computer.  Other key combinations produce similarly bizarre results: control characters in the file, for example.  If I shut down all editor windows and restart the application, the problem goes away.

I haven't taken the time to track down the cause yet, and haven't been to the NEdit web site to report or investigate the problem.  I'm wondering if it's an interaction between Kylix and NEdit.  It wouldn't surprise me.

On the Windows front, I'm happy enough with TextPad that I sent in my $27 registration fee.  It's a wonderful text editor and well worth the price.