Thursday, 26 April, 2001

The Earth is not Moving?

Some people will believe anything.  Some time ago I ran across, which bills itself as "the non-moving Earth and anti-evolution web page."  The web site is one big advertisement for their book, "The Earth is not Moving."  My knee jerk reaction was to dismiss these guys as crackpots and move on, but I try to keep an open mind.  So I studied the information on the site to see if they have some real evidence.  After reading the entire site, I can safely say that they are crackpots.  All they have is a rather selective interpretation of the Bible, and a lot of anti-science rhetoric that bashes evolution theory, and by extension all science.  There is no objective evidence either supporting a geocentric view, or refuting the heliocentric view.  Of course, when you "prove" that all science and especially mathematics is the work of Satan and therefore False, you have nothing left on which to base objective evidence.

My friend Jeff Duntemann tells me that this is a rather mild form of fundamentalism.  I guess I don't want to see the more extreme versions.