Friday, 04 May, 2001

The Garden

Debra and I got the garden in a couple of weeks ago, and things are growing nicely.  The garden beds shown are simple 4' by 8' boxes that I put together with 2"x12" lumber.  The covers are just deer netting over 1/2" PVC pipe.  The PVC hoops fit into pieces of 3/4" PVC that are attached to the sides of the boxes.  Anchoring the deer netting is no problem, and it's stayed in place during some recent 30+ MPH winds.  When we stepped back to look at the finished garden, we both thought we should have included another box.  If we get ambitious this winter we'll empty the existing boxes, move them closer together, and add a new one.

Debra planted radishes, carrots, peas, cucumbers, several varieties of tomatoes and peppers (including habaƱero, picture at right), and several varieties of basil.  The radishes are up and ready to eat.  Yum!  I'm ambivalent about the tomatoes, but am anxiously awaiting the cucumbers, peas, carrots, and peppers.