Monday, 07 May, 2001

Using the Body as a Battery

For years I've wondered about the possibility of using the human body as a source of electricity.  We're continually carrying more electronic junk with us--watch, calculator, cell phone, PDA, GPS--and we're forever having to recharge or replace the batteries.  Why?  Shouldn't it be possible to use our own bodies as the power source, if not directly to power the devices, at least to recharge the batteries?  I'm serious about this.  You can get half a volt from a potato battery without even trying.  I would expect that you could get more with better metal choices and a human body.  A minor surgical procedure would implant slots where we could insert an anode and a cathode of the proper metals, and also a socket or two so you could plug things in.  Yes, I realize that the anode material would end up in my blood, which is probably a bad thing, but you would think that we could find a way to eliminate that problem.   Heck, it could even be fashionable.  It would certainly be more practical than tattoos and body piercing.  

Every time I mention this idea, I get that look, which means I'm either on to something or I really am a total nutball.