Tuesday, 22 May, 2001

Adult Content is Big Business

I've always known that adult content was big business on the Internet, but until today didn't realize just how big.  Being in the "e Business" consulting business, Catapult Systems gets all kinds of periodicals--solicited or not.  I happened to run across a copy of AVN Online magazine at the office today.  The magazine is 170 pages of very slick advertisements on expensive paper, with just enough editorial content (You, Too, Can Be An Adult Webmaster) to classify it as a magazine rather than a catalog.  Most of the advertisements are for credit card processors, hosting services, and sponsors who pay a kickback ($35 or more) if a click-through results in a subscription to the sponsor's services.  The idea:  post some naughty pictures on your site and provide a link to the sponsor's site.  If a user who clicks on the sponsor's link from your site ends up signing up for more porn (excuse me, "erotica"), then you collect $35.  I guess people who actually sign up spend lots of money.  With all the free por...err..erotica available out there, I'm surprised that anybody pays for it.