Wednesday, 30 May, 2001

The Effects of Exercise on Appetite

In his web diary entry for May 26, my good friend Jeff Duntemann points out something that I either conveniently forgot or never really knew:  Vigorous exercise increases your appetite, whereas moderate exercise reduces your appetite.  Read Jeff's diary entry for the details.

This explains my limited success so far in attaining my goal of losing one pound per week.  I've been steadily increasing my cycling speed; staying aerobic most of the time, but really pushing my body because I want to get faster.  I vary my workouts to some extent, but for the most part when I'm done with a ride my legs are rubber and I'm ready to collapse.  I've been working too hard, punishing my body (see my May 20 entry), and not achieving my primary goal, which is to lose some weight.  Sure, I'm somewhat faster than I was two months ago, but not appreciably healthier.  I'm working on a total rewrite of my training plan.