Saturday, 02 June, 2001

Garage Conversion

About two years ago, I started converting our back room (what used to be a 2-car garage when the house was originally built) into a laundry room, office, entry way, and pantry.  I framed the walls, put in most of the electrical outlets, and then stopped.  I've restarted the project from time to time, putting in some lights and switches, wiring the office for phone and computer, etc., but it's been an unfinished project because I've done just about all that I can do comfortably by myself.  I'm not about to try moving the water heater, for example, or burying the electrical cable that runs from the street to the house.

We've finally hired a contractor to come in and finish the project.  The plumber comes in tomorrow to move the water heater and plumb a sink (including a rather tricky drain).  The ditch digger will be here with his rock saw to cut holes in the driveway so we can bury the lines from the street to the house, and from the house to the detached garage.  And the electrician will show up in the afternoon to add some new circuits.  By the end of the week, we should be ready for the drywall guy.  It'll be nice to have the new office, with space for my production machines as well as an experimental computer or two.