Wednesday, 25 July, 2001

Hoax and Parody Web Sites

I get the biggest kick out of hoax and parody web sites.  For parody, The Onion is my favorite.  Hoax sites come and go, and most lose their hilarity fairly quickly.  Somebody pointed out Net Authority a while back.  On their Info page, Net Authority claims to be "a group of individuals who have taken it upon themselves to govern the Internet."  The site is obviously a hoax, as the Forum section shows--any real anti-porn site would delete most of those messages.  When I first saw the site, though, the forum section didn't exist and it was a bit tougher to see through the hoax.  I finally figured that it was too well written for a bunch of fundamentalist whackos.

One of my favorite sites lately is Bonsai Kitten.  A friend of a friend sent me this link along with a very serious "please help us stop this cruelty" message.  She was completely taken in by the site.  I think that, rather than the site itself, is the funniest part.  Some people are so terribly gullible that I wonder how they survive in this world.