Saturday, 25 August, 2001


I have beer on the brain lately, even more than usual.  I'm turning 40 in a couple of months, and have decided to throw a big party--40 hours long starting at 6:00 AM on Saturday and closing down at 10:00 PM on Sunday.  For the party I'm making 40 gallons of homebrew.  Since I have somewhat limited production capacity, I have had to brew the beer over a several-week period.  As of today, I've brewed all but one of the beers.  At the party I will have:

5 gallons of Mexican Amber similar to Negra Modelo
5 gallons of Crisp Rye--probably my favorite of all the beers I've brewed
5 gallons of Wheat Stout--something new that the guys at the brew store suggested
5 gallons of an Octoberfest/Marzen
5 gallons of Crystal Honey Ale--a lighter beer I use to experiment with different hops and spices
5 gallons of Saison--a Belgian style that I'll brew up next week.
7 gallons of a semi-dry mead
3 gallons of sweet mead

I've also brewed up a batch of Amber Bock that will accompany me to Dallas next month for a school reunion.  If we don't drink it all (not likely, but stranger things have happened), the remaining bottles will be at the party.

I'm getting pretty good at this brewing thing.  Haven't had a boil-over in months.