Sunday, 14 October, 2001

Installing a Door in a Crooked Wall

This weekend's task in the never-ending back room remodel was yet another exercise in frustration.  Last week I installed the bathroom door all nice and neat, only to find that the wall isn't plumb.  At first I thought that, despite my best efforts, I had installed the door crooked.  So I removed the door and started to re-install--with help this time--and finally had the insight to check the wall.  Too many years as a programmer, I guess, where I always assume that it's my error rather than the compiler or the operating system.  The rough door opening is off plumb by about 1/2" from top to bottom, verified using that most technical device:  a plumb bob.  I'll have to come back to the door next week after I figure out how I'm going to finesse the trim to make it look right.

The weekend wasn't without its minor triumphs, though.  I've never before tried to do finish work--tearing things out and rough carpentry have always been more my line.  But this weekend I did successfully hang the pantry door (in a straight wall that I built, by the way), and also got the trim on the door.  I'll need some painter's putty in few places, but if it's good enough for Debra (and she has pretty high standards), then it's good enough for me.  I also installed those hugely expensive Elfa Shelves in the pantry.  They're cool, but yikes--hold on to your wallet if you ever walk into The Container Store.