Monday, 29 October, 2001

Freedom Ship

Somebody at lunch today mentioned Freedom Ship, a mile-long floating city being developed by some guys in Florida.  From all reports, this is real and not some scam to rip off those with more money than brains.  The idea of living permanently at sea has its attractions, if nothing else then just for the novelty.  Of course, the novelty will wear off after a while.  But I bet I could spend two years there.  A 1,200 square foot unit with 15 feet of water view is only about $725,000.  The monthly fees are about $1,400.  Call it $760,000 for the initial buy-in and two years' fees.  Given a million bucks, that'd leave you almost a quarter million for eating and walking around money.  That ought to be enough, even if I did visit every port.  Maybe I will buy a lottery ticket tonight.

Seriously, though, the idea isn't that far fetched.  Well, okay, me with three quarters of a million dollars to blow on a 1,200 square foot floating apartment is a bit of a stretch, but given that and a little work, it wouldn't be all that hard to live there.  If you could make $40,000 per year doing "work at home" kind of stuff (writing, programming, stuffing envelopes), then you could afford the monthly fees, food, and a shore excursion from time to time.  And there are less expensive quarters.  You can get a 450 square foot unit for $175,000 and about $530 per month in fees.  For the kitchen-phobic, you can get a 300 square foot economy unit for $120,000 and $442 per month.  Check out thePurchase Information page for layout and pricing.