Wednesday, 31 October, 2001

Vampires for Halloween

I don't know why I like Halloween so much.  I ignore most silly holidays or traditions, but except for a short time when I actually took life seriously, I've always enjoyed Halloween.  Catapult Systems had the annual Costume Contest and I, as always, dressed the part.  Debra and I did the traditional vampire this year, as you can see in the picture (click for a larger image).  After work a bunch of us met down at a local Irish pub (there aren't any Transylvanian pubs in the area), and then took a stroll down Sixth Street later when people started coming out.  The Sixth Street party was smaller than expected--only about 25,000 people this year.  There were a lot of costumes, lots of spectators, and Debra and I posed for pictures with a number of children.  I don't know why, but kids just loved those vampire costumes.

After we walked the parade, we went to an outside bar called Cedar Street, where a live band was playing Latin music.  We had a drink, danced a bit, and enjoyed the cool air and good music.  We don't "do" Sixth Street very often, having had enough of the "drink 'till you puke" life back before we knew each other.  This evening was very calm, though, and quite entertaining with all the different costumes.  I think next year we'll rent a hotel room downtown and do it right.