Monday, 12 November, 2001


I received an email today from somebody who has been playing the game TriTryst that I wrote for Virgin Interactive back in 1995.  He was looking for the solution to one of the game's levels.  I probably can't help him, as it's been years since I played that game and I'm sure I only solved that level once during play testing.

So I fired up my browser and askedGoogle to search for all occurrences of the word "TriTryst".  Of the 400 hits, most of what I found were reviews and links to the time-limited demo that we released shortly before the game was published.  Two people mentioned it in their online journals, both in reference to wasting time "playing solitaire and TriTryst."  The game has even made the abandonware sites.  You can download the entire shipping game (5 diskettes) from

I learned a lot writing TriTryst, my first game, and have enjoyed playing it over the years.  Although it didn't sell well, it appears to have developed a small cult following--from time to time I get email from people who are still playing it.  I've actually cobbled together a clone of the basic game in Delphi and Kylix (I no longer have access to the original C source), but haven't put the effort into trying to duplicate all of the game's functionality.  Perhaps it's time.  It'd be a great game for the Palm.