Wednesday, 26 December, 2001

Computers of the Future: Yawn

CNN is running an article about 20 trends and technologies that will affect personal computing over the next few years.  Lots of cool stuff there:  400 GB hard drives for the price of today's 80 GB units, 1 GHz palmtop computers, organic LEDs, and other stuff just sound neat.  At the end of the article they have a section that lists expected desktop computer specifications in 2004 (2 years from now).  Those specs aren't terribly impressive:

4 or 5 GHz processor with  512 MB of RAM, 400 GB hard drive, rewritable DVD, 128 MB 3D video card, flat panel screen, and Windows.  All for under $2,000.  No huge leaps there, and most of the cool technologies they discuss in the first part of the article just don't affect the every day computer.  Ho hum.  Is there any excitement left in this business?