Monday, 11 February, 2002

Tripping the Rift

Some years ago, must have been 1998 or so, a very amusing AVI file made the rounds at the game company where I was working.  I downloaded and saved it to my hard drive, and would show it to people from time to time.  The cartoon featured a fat purple alien, an improbably constructed woman (or female-form android, I was never sure), a C3PO-style robot, and an evil clown.  I'm sure it's  considered "adult" humor due to some animated nudity and some foul language.  That notwithstanding, it's very, very funny, and some seriously cool animation.

I don't know when it came back, but a co-worker sent me the link today.  It's called Tripping the Rift, and you can find it at  There you'll find all sorts of information about the cartoon's creation, and some scenes from the "upcoming" sequel that seems to be caught in bureaucratic limbo.  On the downloads page you can download a much nicer rendition than the crappy little AVI that I thought was so funny four years ago.  It's a hefty download, though, 35 megabytes, and you'll also need a divx codec that you can get by following a link from the downloads page.