Friday, 08 March, 2002

Southend Brewery

Stuck in Raleigh again tonight because getting a flight home was absurdly expensive.  Something like $500 to fly on Friday night, but only $125 to fly Saturday morning.  So we walked down the street to the Southend Brewery & Smokehouse for dinner.  The food was nothing to write home about, but their beer was good.  They served an excellent oatmeal stout at room temperature—something hardly anybody does these days.  I like lighter ales cold but stouts always taste better at room temperature, although I'm hard pressed to say exactly why.  Their Railroad Red was okay, I guess, but not really my thing.  Reds are "iffy".  I've had a few excellent reds (my friend John Taylor's being the best), but for the most part they leave me indifferent.

Southend is a small chain in the southeast, and worth checking out if you get the chance.  A number of people told me that the food is excellent, so I'm willing to believe that I just ordered the wrong thing.