Saturday, 23 March, 2002

Rosedale Ride

Today was the Rosedale Ride, a fund raising event for the Rosedale School in Austin.  I had the presence of mind this year to bring along my digital camera so I could get a few pictures during the ride.  It was a beautiful day for the ride:  temperature in the low 50s and light overcast.  Wind was the only drawback, but that's springtime in Central Texas.  The Pink Panther went along for the ride, as always.  Yes, I really was crawling along at 6 MPH when I took that picture.

My friends and coworkers, Andrew Reid and Ron Hollis (not a very good picture, but, hey, I was riding) were there on hand cycles.  Andrew did the 44-mile course today, while Ron did the 28.  I was taking it easy today, and stayed with Ron for the 28-mile course.  These guys are serious about hand cycling, and have started a handcycling resource site, LoneStar Handcycling.  I'd love to get my hands on one of those cycles, but with the price of the darned things, it'll bea while.