Friday, 12 April, 2002

Changing Jobs

Come Monday, I start a new job.  I'm still with Catapult Systems, and still working in the Inquisite product group.  But now, rather than working on custom solutions for clients, I'll be a sales engineer.  Yes, I've joined the Dark Side.  I'll be sitting in on sales calls to answer technical questions, writing technical documents for Sales and Marketing, supporting the Sales and Marketing teams' computers, and whatever else needs doing.  Although I have been performing many of these functions on a part-time basis for over a year, Monday I start a transition to doing it full-time.  In this new position, I will be writing almost no code, whish is quite a stretch for me, personally, as for almost all of the last 20 years my primary job has been programming.  The challenge here will be keeping up with technology and writing enough code to stay sharp so that I can talk intelligently to the development team and to potential clients' technical staff.