Monday, 29 April, 2002

SuSE 8.0 Annoyances

The SuSE Linux 8.0 install isn't flawless (see Saturday's entry).  Even though I configured my system for DHCP, the installation program didn't install the DHCP client, so I couldn't access my network until I tinkered a bit.  I had to get to the command line for that one.  I guess I could have used the GUI installer, but dang this system is slow!  It's a 200 MHz Pentium with 64 MB of RAM.  It seemed to run KDE 1.2 just fine, but it's terribly pokey with the latest SuSE release running KDE 3.  I suspect that it'd run much nicer with more memory, that old machine is maxed out at 64 MB.  Looks like I'll be buying a new motherboard this week.

A few annoying bits to mention:

The above notwithstanding, I'm still impressed by the smoothness of the new SuSE install.  I'll report again once I install it on a more modern machine.  It's hardly fair expecting the latest and greatest GUI to be real snappy on 6-year-old hardware.