Sunday, 05 May, 2002

Building the Garden

Seven cubic yards of gardening soil makes a pile about 8 feet long, 5 feet wide, and 4 feet tall when it's delivered by a dump truck.  It takes about 1.2 cubic yards of soil to fill an 8' x 4' x 1' garden bed.  One bed takes 9 wheelbarrows full of soil, at about 25 shovels full of dirt for each wheelbarrow.  So in filling those 5 beds today, I bent and lifted 1,125 times.  No wonder my legs, back, neck, and shoulders hurt.  Will somebody please remind me why I do this?  The other yard of soil is for some containers.  This week I'll be putting up a fence around the new garden area, and perhaps Debra can plant next weekend.  We won't have to worry about the deer getting to the plants this year.

Yes, we're getting a late start to the garden, but that's okay.   We now have 7 beds in which to plant stuff.  The fall garden should be terrific, and next spring everything will be ready for an early planting.  This year, Debra planted potatoes and onions in late March, and today we picked our first onion.  I hardly can wait to see how it tastes.