Saturday, 18 May, 2002

Spider Man!

Debra and I went to see the new Spider Man movie.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I was never a huge fan of the comic book, but I read it enough to know the basic story.  The movie was true to the comic, but yet done in such a way as to stand on its own.  The action sequences were superb, and the pacing of the movie was right on.  The sound, especially, was excellent.  They made very good use of the theatre's surround sound.  I have a few quarrels with how some parts played out, but for the most part I thought the ending was perfect.  And, of course, they left plenty of room for the sequel, which is due out in two years.  Considering how well the movie did on opening weekend, I'm confident that the sequel will indeed appear.  I wouldn't call it "best picture" material, but it's a rockin' good action flick with a decent story line.