Sunday, 19 May, 2002

Garden Fence

Work on the garden proceeds slowly.  Last week I had time enough to put in the T-posts for the fence, and yesterday I attached the wire on three sides.  Today I spent setting the two wooden gate posts, and constructing the gate.  An interesting little engineering problem, that gate.  I have to wait for the concrete to cure (24 hours) before I can attach the gate and string the rest of the wire.

My real question is whether a 6 foot fence will prevent the deer from hopping in and mowing down the garden.  I've seen deer jump a 6 foot fence, but I've been assured that they won't jump into the enclosed garden because the raised beds break up the open space too much.  If the 6 foot fence isn't enough, we'll string a wire across the tops of the posts (another 8 inches up), and hang streamers from it.  The combination of the wire and the streamers apparently confuse the deer enough that they won't attempt it.  We'll see.