Monday, 03 June, 2002

Spaceship, The Movie

Sometimes I wish I could selectively purge my memory.  Something somebody said the other day reminded me of the movie Spaceship, which was a very bad spoof of Alien and B-monster movies in general.  The only thing I remembered about the movie was the bad acting, bad effects, and rolling over with laughter as the monster sang the song "I Want To Eat Your Face."  In fact, I didn't even remember the name of the movie.  I searched Google for the song title (which was the only concrete thing I could remember about the movie) and got 30 hits.  If you like really bad B movies, definitely check this one out if you see it in the bargain bin or at Blockbuster.  Even if you can't stand watching the movie, fast-forward to the monster's sing and dance number.  I thought it was a real gut-buster.

The movie was intended to be a comedy, but not the horrible Airplane knock-off that it turned out to be.  Read the comments by Bruce Kimmel, the film's writer and director, on his web site.  Two entries:  here andhere.