Saturday, 15 June, 2002

Butterfly and Fawns

Debra looked out the kitchen window the other morning and saw this black swallowtail butterfly on her mint plant.  Thinking that it was there to lay eggs, she went out to shoo it away.  It was then she noticed that its wings were wet—it had just hatched.  We don't know where it came from, but it couldn't have flown here, so it was probably in the mint or one of the other herbs nearby.

Late last month, a doe gave birth to twin fawns in the neighbor's yard.  They've been hanging out in our yard and the neighbors', but I haven't had a good picture opportunity.  Those fawns certainly grow quickly.  In another few weeks, they'll be able to jump the fence around the yard, and they'll have lost their spots by the end of the summer.