Monday, 01 July, 2002

Microsoft Bashers:  Stop Your Whining

I'm forever annoyed by the anti-Microsoft crowd's endless whining.  And I'm continually amused by their propensity to trot out the MS Office Clippy paperclip in an attempt to make Microsoft look stupid or incompetent.  Clippy was annoying, true, and not very helpful.  And easy to eliminate permanently.  Bringing up the issue just makes the Microsoft bashers look stupid.

In my January 1 entry I mentioned Godwin's Law.  I'd like to propose that a similar "law" be enacted regarding the mention of Clippy.  The Microsoft bashers have beat Clippy to death, and now they're just flogging a moldy old corpse screaming "kill it, kill it" like a bunch of little kids gone wild on a desert island.  Leave the poor dead tortured paperclip alone and find something intelligent to complain about.