Friday, 12 July, 2002

Pictures of the Flood

You probably saw pictures of the Central Texas flooding last week.  We don't have that problem up here in Round Rock, although the water will make some low crossings impassable, and there's always the danger of flash floods.  The water does rise, though, to an alarming extent.  I took the picture on the left (click for larger view) last Friday after we'd received about 10 inches of rain in three or four days.  The picture on the right I took this morning.  The pictures are from slightly different angles, but I think you get the idea—the tree in the center of the picture is the same.  On the left, that tree is standing in at least six feet of water.  On the right, you can see that the tree is on the bank at least three feet above the level of the creek.  That's an astonishing amount of water to come down so quickly.