Friday, 26 July, 2002

Ranting on the Rant

A couple of additional points about Ron Borges' rant (see Thursday's entry).  First, why is it that journalists seem to have an irresistible urge to get a rise out of their audiences?  Borges had to know that he would get an overwhelmingly negative reaction to his article.  Of those who actually agree with his rant, the few who actually are literate probably don't have Internet access, and in any case likely are disinclined to put down their beers long enough to write a letter in support.  Which brings me to my second point.  A large number of Lance Armstrong fans take themselves and professional cycling way too seriously.  It's painfully obvious that the piece is a rant, and it's pretty darned funny.  Funnier, though, are thecomments about the article from those Lance Armstrong fans who didn't understand that the piece was meant as humor and designed to bait the audience.  Life is endlessly amusing.