Thursday, 01 August, 2002

Is This What They Call "Reverse Discrimination"?

My friends and co-workers Andrew Reid and Ron Hollis over at Lone Star Handcycling decided to enter the handcycling division of theNew York Marathon.  Andrew, who has been in a wheelchair for about 2-1/2 years, and who recently won the Canadian national championships, sent in his entry a while back.  Ron called today to see about entering.  The guy on the other end of the phone (the race organizer, I assume) refused to let Ron enter because he is able bodied (i.e. he can walk).

Now I'm not one to start waving the Americans with Disabilities Act or other non-discrimination laws in somebody's face, but it seems ironic to me that somebody who supposedly fights against discrimination of the handicapped would turn around and discriminate against somebody because he's able bodied.  It's not like Ron will be using his legs to compete.  He rides a handcycle just like everybody else.  It sure is a strange world.