Sunday, 25 August, 2002

Century Training Progress

The century training continues.  This week was a bit different because my road bike was in the shop for a couple of days.  So I got to ride the mountain bike instead.  Other than that, just training as usual.  Monday I was supposed to do 12 miles easy, but I decided to ride to the office with a co-worker, so I ended up doing 13.5 in the morning and in the evening.  Since last Sunday was kind of an easy day, I did hill sprints on Monday.  That is, I rode slowly along the flats, coasted on the downhills, and sprinted like mad up the hills.  Runners call it "fartlek."  Cyclists call it "unstructured interval training."  I'm feeling very good, and continue to be impressed by the training program.

This week's mileage:

Monday 27 varied
Tuesday 17.7 pace
Wednesday 18 brisk
Thursday rest
Friday 18 pace
Saturday 59.2 pace
Sunday 22 pace
Total 163.4