Tuesday, 03 September, 2002

Charlie Update

Charlie went in for his weekly dip today, and for the first time tested negative for the mites that cause demodectic mange (also called "demodex," after the mite, demodex canis)  If he tests negative next week, that will be his last dip.  The scabs and bald patches evident in the pictures of July 14 and July 29 are almost completely healed.  There is one small scab on his side that is yet to heal, and the hair on his chest is still a bit thin.  He looks like a completely different dog than the one who wandered into the yard 7 weeks ago.  He's a healthy and happy dog now.  Three weeks into obedience school, he's learning how to pay attention, and he's become much calmer.  He still wants to chase the deer—something we've been discouraging since he caught a fawn a few weeks ago.  For exercise he likes to play fetch, and we take him for runs down the block to the stop sign and back (1/2 mile each way)—us on the bicycles and him running beside us.  He's a very well behaved puppy.  The vet's age estimate is about 11 months.  Tasha the poodle has learned to get out of his way, and Kameeke the cat has learned to tolerate him.  He's fully part of the family now, and we're happy to have him.