Sunday, 22 September, 2002

Last Long Training Ride

This morning I rode from home down to the Einstein's Bagels (about 13 miles) to meet with some other cyclists for a group ride.  I've been wanting to get a little group riding practice in so that I can team up with other cyclists during the ride next Saturday, and perhaps do a 5-hour century.  Imagine my surprise when the route the leaders took brought me right back by my house on the way to Georgetown, Hutto, and points beyond.  70 miles of back roads covers a lot of ground.  It was a beautiful day for a ride, except for that 20 MPH north wind.  I got my group ride practice in, and had a good time chatting with the other riders.  Up to this point I'd been doing all of my long rides (and most of my other training) entirely by myself.

The ride is in Waco on Saturday.  The coming week will be easy rides and lots of stretching to keep the legs limber.  Carbo loading starts on Wednesday.  I'm ready.

Monday 17 easy
Tuesday 22 pace
Wednesday 29 fast
Thursday 0
Friday 20 pace
Saturday 31.1 pace
Sunday 77 pace
Total 196.1