Thursday, 03 October, 2002

More Email Scams

Email scams.  I got one today that's chock full of interesting "facts" like "Medical care is the #3 cause of death," "Cardiovascular disease is reversible," and "Cancer is preventable."  The thing is a poorly worded come on for a "Life & Health Seminar" that supposedly will be held locally, somewhere.  The location isn't terribly specific as to what town it's in.  I can call a local number (local to where?) and use my credit card, or register online.  I can even go to the web site and see much the same information.  Somehow, though, the email neglects to mention the actual city location (the web site indicates that it's in Chattanooga).  Direct sales of goods (?) and services are one thing, tasteless as those might be.  But these email scams are getting entirely out of hand.  Why would somebody email me an invitation to a seminar to be held in Chattanooga?