Sunday, 06 October, 2002

Contemplating Another Century

I've almost decided to ride the Round Rock Outlaw Trail Century on the 19th.  The start/finish line is at a park about 8 miles from the house.  I could ride there, do the ride, and then ride home.  It would give me the chance to redeem myself after last weekend's stupidity during the Waco ride.  I've continued my training throughout this week, although not following the strict schedule of previous weeks.  Sunday, Monday, and Thursday were short and easy recovery rides with Debra.  Tuesday and Friday I did the commute to the office and back, and Saturday Debra and I went for 15 miles at her pace.  I had planned to get up and ride this morning, but I stayed up too late last night, and instead spent the day working on the computer and finishing the lawn.  I don't think it'll affect my training too much, and I really needed the break.