Wednesday, 23 October, 2002

Sampling the Beer in Fort Worth

I drove up to Fort Worth, Texas yesterday with a co-worker to attend the Human Resources Southwest Conference and Exhibit, where we have a booth.  We set up the booth yesterday afternoon, and spent today talking to people as they came by:  handing out literature and demonstrating our product.  Trade shows are fun in small doses, but I was quite happy when 6:00 rolled around.  Tomorrow is going to be painful.

But every cloud has a silver lining.  Just across the street from the convention center (more importantly, just two blocks from my hotel) is a little place called Malone's Pub.  It's not much as far as pubs go, but they have quite a variety of beers in the cooler.  Last night I had the pleasure of trying two new (to me) beers, both from the Unibroue brewery.  La Fin Du Monde is a blond, flavorful beer with a whopping 9% alcohol content.  Fellow brewers understand how difficult it is to get a 9% beer that tastes that good.  The other beer I tried was the strong red Maudite, only slightly less potent at 8% alcohol, and just as tasty.  I highly recommend both beers, and will be looking for  some of Unibroue's other selections at the local beer outlet.