Thursday, 28 November, 2002

Beer Bottling Day

Today proved quite interesting.  It started with a trip to the emergency room when Debra poked herself in the eye with the Christmas tree as she was unpacking it.  We're decorating early because we're hosting my brother's college graduation party next Saturday.  She managed a nice sized scratch on her eye (revealed by some fluorescent eye drops and a black light), and the doctor sent her home with some pain killers and a topical antibiotic.  Have you ever tried to find an open pharmacy on Thanksgiving day?  Not all Walgreens pharmacies are open 24 hours.

After we returned home, Debra continued decorating and I proceeded to bottle the beer (net, 45 12-oz bottles) that I brewed on November 10.  Late afternoon had us at the next door neighbor's enjoying Thanksgiving dinner, and later in the evening we visited our friends Jason and Sheila for dessert, conversation, and board games.  It was a good day, overall, although Debra's read on things is understandably a bit different than mine.