Friday, 13 December, 2002

Holiday Party

This evening was the annual Catapult Systems Holiday party at the Renaissance Hotel in Austin.  Every year the invitation says that dress is semi-formal, but many of us take the opportunity to go formal.  This year I added a red bowtie and cummerbund set to my tuxedo.  Debra was dazzling, as always, in her formal gown.  How did I get so lucky?

This is the fourth Holiday party I've celebrated with Catapult Systems, and I realized today that three and a half years is the longest I've worked for any company in the computer industry.  It's not that I'm a job hopper, but rather the companies I'm working for seem to go out of business or get swallowed up by some bigger company that then decides to "downsize."  At any rate, I'm happy to be at Catapult, and doubly happy to be married to a caring and beautiful woman like Debra.